Charlie & Jill Henry 

Jill leading a group by the fire pit, with her beautiful frame drum.

Meet the owners of Mountain Valley Center, The Otto Labyrinth, and founders of the non profit organization, Foundation For Well Being. These are two truly magnificent healers who have huge hearts for their community, and their dream of having space for conscious living on their land is inspiring! Tiny houses, Hobbit homes, Mud huts, who knows what these two will come up with, but Boy, is their land perfect for it! So… needless to say,  we are absolutely delighted to honor them on this day at The Faerie & Labyrinth Festival on their enchanted property!

Meet Charlie! One of the Kindest and most inspirational people you will ever meet! 

They are both seasoned teachers who can instruct on a plethora of things, (they’re quite impressive! Wait til you meet them and see all the fascinating holistic things they are into!) 

For the festival, they have decided upon a few things very dear to their heart; A Course In Miracles,  Guided Group Labyrinth Walk, and a Faerie Forest Adventure. Here is a bit about what they will share!

Introduction to A Course in Miracles with Charlie Henry

“After studying ACIM for over 30 years, I can say no other study has impacted my life more in a profoundly positive way.

It has given me a reason for compassion for the present, forgiveness for the past and hope for the future.

During this brief intro,  I’ll share with you my perspective on the answers to the following questions. I’d love to hear your perspectives too!’

What does it say ?

From where does it come ?

How to study ACIM ?

Why bother ?

Guided Group Labyrinth Activities

Jill will be leading a few different things throughout the day including Opening Ceremony at 10 am: with a Guided Group Energy Meditation (at the center of the Labyrinth.)

12 pm:  How to Draw a Labyrinth (and Labyrinth Walk) – Join Jill in learning how to draw a 7 circuit, 3 circuit, and 11 circuit Labyrinth.  Drawing a Labyrinth, then using your fingers to trace the path is a wonderfully relaxing “doodle” you can do anytime, anywhere. And if you plan to build your own backyard labyrinth, drawing one is the first step! (after drawing the Labyrinth, participants are invited to walk the Labyrinth with Jill as their guide!) Right after is the Faerie Forest Adventure!

12 pm (continued) Guided Faerie Forest Adventure

Join Jill in a Guided Tour of the Old Growth Laurel Faerie Forest. You will be able to “gift” the Faeries with crystals and gemstones, play in the creek and even build cairns there, relax and listen to the water flowing. If you are adventurous, Jill will guide you deep into the forest to discover the head of the Bubble Spring!

We can’t wait to connect with you and celebrate the Faeries on this magical weekend! 

See You There!

And join us for this year’s event July 6th, 2019 at The Otto Labyrinth and mountain Valley Center! 

These events will be happening all day, check out the detailed Schedule on the next blog!

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  • Wow! What amazing orbs, what a wonderful vibe! I feel like I’ve found my ‘tribe’ as folks say at the moment. 🙂
    Brightest of Blessings xx

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