Jennifer Suess- Blue Lotus Design Studios 

One of the artists that we have come across is Jen Suess, owner of Blue Lotus Design Studios. Her creative eye for art & design instantly resonated with us! Getting to know her a bit better was so enjoyable & we are thrilled to have her as a vendor & sponsor  at The Faerie & Labyrinth Festival, April 14th at The Otto Labyrinth & Mountain Valley Center.

Jen describes herself as an artist, nature lover, yoga fanatic, gypsy soul, and inspired dreamer. Her passion is creating Mindful, Whimsical, Bohemian, Artisan, Gemstone and Crystal Jewelry, and the majority of her creations are One-of-a-Kind. She also works from her home-studio, which is nestled into the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, where she also enjoys hiking, meandering, and exploring as much as possible. Learn more about Jen and Blue Lotus Design Studios below!

Let’s hear it from the artist herself, shall we?!

“I draw much of my inspiration from nature, as well as my travels, incredibly soulful music, and of course, imagination and fantasy.

Wire wrapping is my primary medium, and I enjoy wrapping intuitively, as each stone speaks to me in it’s own way.

At Blue Lotus Design Studios you will find a collection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, hair clips/pins, and mala beads that are as beautiful and well crafted as they are eclectic and unique! I use only high quality materials, such as Sterling Silver and 14k Gold-filled wire, genuine gemstones, silk, lace and leather.

I offer a variety of styles at varying price points to accommodate individual preferences and budgets. Each item is consciously created, meticulously crafted, made with LOVE from start to finish, and infused with lots of positive energy and good vibes!

I often enjoy pairing stones based upon their healing properties and associations with the chakras, and frequently use Cedar, Sage and Palo Santo to honor, cleanse and purify my space, stones, and finished creations. Materials and stones are sourced locally whenever possible.

I grew up on the east coast, in Maryland, and spent my childhood summers exploring and frolicking in the woods and playing in the rivers. I was always an artist and a pixie at heart, and a great love of and appreciation for the natural environment was instilled in me at a very early age.

At 18 I moved to Boulder, Colorado, where I spent 6 years falling in love with the Rocky mountains, though I truly missed the temperate rainforest; the leafy trees, the moss, the ferns, the endless creeks and waterfalls of the east.

After a detour to South Florida, where I had grand adventures living on an old sailboat and working as a yacht stewardess/mate, I found myself continuously yearning for the mountains and trees, and serendipitously discovered Asheville. I tied up loose ends and made the move less than 6 months after my initial,very brief couple of days in this oasis. I have now lived here for almost 5 years and am immensely grateful to have finally found the place that feels more like home than I could have dreamed possible.

I began creating jewelry while living the pirate life, and what began as a hobby quickly turned into a passion that has over time developed into a business. I have always been fascinated by gemstones, and so it was quite a natural progression for me to transition from hemp and glass beads to precious metals and crystals. Coming to the Blue Ridge Mountains has prompted endless inspiration, and the ideas tend to flow much faster than I can work! The result is the collection that I now offer through Blue Lotus Design Studios! “

Well there you have it friends! Our adorable, adventurous, nature loving, rock wrapping, free spirited, gypsy-pixie is coming from the woods to join us on this fun and inspiring day! We are so grateful to have such a genuinely sweet soul as one of our sponsors and to connect in a deeper and more meaningful way. Blessings to your endeavors and business, Jen!

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