Meet Dani Taylor of The Happy Empath!

I have learned that designing events also comes with an extra, (and super sweet) perk of creating friendships, and brings a healthy respect for the gifts and talents that people have! 

An artist that we met on our recent path, was Danielle (Dani) Taylor of The Happy Empath: Energetic Jewelry & Gifts.

Her style was funky, and light hearted, yet deep, and meaningful. My first thought, seeing her collection was, “Gasssssssp- Warrior Princess Garb!” And when I read her description of herself via correspondence, I knew we’d be instant friends. It stated, I guess I’m like a Whimsical Shield Maiden… Equal parts Leather, Tree Roots, and Glitter.” And with that line…. a synergistic connection and friendship was born.  (Awwwww.)

About the Artist:

Dani grew up in the mountains of east TN and western NC and has been doing art of some form for as long back as she can remember. Her art is rooted and inspired by native European traditions and spirituality, due to her ancestors being almost exclusively Scottish and Scandinavian.

You can feel the sense of her heritage and unique personal touch, flow throughout her artwork. We love that! From healing bracelets and pendants, to whimsical and warrior like, crowns- this gal has got a little bit of it all in her collection!

In Her Own Words:

“I have always been very sensitive metaphysically. When I was young I used my art and the woods as an escape from the intensity and anxiety of my experienc
es. It wasn’t until my late 20s that I discovered that I was what you’d call and ‘intuitive empath’.
Through learning how to gain control over my gifts I immersed myself into energy healing and became an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master. The Happy Empath is an evolution starting from simple protection bracelets for myself and my clients. Life for me now is an attempted balance between my artwork, spiritual growth, raising my 5 year old son and being a partner to my husband Patrick.”

Love it! We are so excited to have this “Badass- Magical-Alien-Viking-Warrior-Dragon-Shark-Goddess,”  (another great self description- Hahaha!) with us at multiple events.
Woooooo-hoo-hooooo! Tis’ a pleasure to connect with such fine Kinsfolk, indeed!  This heARTist also sells these fascinating and mindful gifts in her online store so to check out more of Dani’s designs and connect directly with her, click the links below!