We believe that connecting within small groups is so incredibly important. This helps build support, friendship, and offers an open place to explore different topics in life.

Each month we will incorporate new lessons from various cultures and drawing from our own experiences. We explore history, folklore, religions, and different views from around the world.

We will have both in person, and online groups across the nation, (especially during the pandemic) so wherever you live, you can start a group by yourself or with friends!

We have Topic Prompts (which is just a short summary of the weekly/monthly topic and your group is free to find your own research on it.) Or, we have Full Curriculum Lesson Plans (detailed lessons with research, sources, question prompts, activities, and more.) You could even try a bit of both!

These can be done within your own home or at a friend’s house, usually whoever likes to lead. It could be a single leader, or a group effort in leading with rotating turns, both ways are fine. It could also be done outside, at coffee shops, whatever works for you, we like to keep it easy.

We will have our main one in Lakemont Ga, but you can be a Connection Group Leader wherever you are! Just let us know if you would like to get involved and we can get you connected in your area.

We also have a few specific groups if you would like to hop in and join in person or online, you can even start your own!

The Sisterhood: Women’s Groups.

“Journey of the Heart,” By: Arna Baartz

These small groups are designed specifically for the Ladies! Woot! They include Goddess Curriculum, Retreats, Classes on Nutrition, Fitness, Self Care, Homesteading, Hiking, Outings, Gardening for Self Sustainability, Ladies Nights, Spa Days, Small Business Support, Cultural Education, International Music, Foods, & More!

Depending on where you live, and your crowd, we help give you ideas on activities or happy to let you take the creative reigns outside of the generic curriculum or topic.

These are such a blast, and a great way to get to know people and learn a lot of interesting things! We encourage each other, lift each other up, and connect when we can! There is no pressure to be at each gathering, you make it when you make it.

Men’s Groups

These are designed for the dudes. A place for the guys to kick back with some cool activities and education. From instrument building to hiking, woodwork, survival skills, knot tying, fire building, drumming, arrow making, you name it, they do all things dudesy.

These guys even do some retreats as well, and have their own lesson plans including stories about multi cultural gods, folklore, indigenous beliefs and more.

KIN (Kids In Nature) Groups.

“Summer Painting,” By Natalie Husak

We have upcoming groups for kids to have fun and connect with nature and each other. These are fun but educational groups which can be done with online curriculum and parental prompts, or in groups of friends!

These include educational tips on foraging, gardening, plant identification, folklore, primitive skills, seasons, conservation, and so much more.

If you would like to be a KINS Group Leader in your own town, let us know and we can give you all the resources you need!

Other Programs We Have:

Cultural Education in Schools 

It is such a joy to be able to bring cultural education into schools up here. Seasonally, we bring things into the schools and William performs and shares educational fun including:

  • Indigenous Instrument Presentations
  • Cultural Holiday Education
  • Indigenous Crafts and Instrument Building

Feel free to contact us if you would like to get involved here or at your own local schools!

Farming and Homesteading Programs

“Cosecha de Cafe,” By: Mac of Gallery of the Unknown

Here’s a great way to know some of your awesome local farmers and work synergistically with them! We will have events at different farms where we can go lend a hand with whatever project they have going on that day and they can teach us about some of their specialties!

It’s not easy taking a day off at a farm to teach people, so we like to honor them by pitching in with some tasks while they show us the ropes. We love our farmers and homesteaders, so we also like to keep people updated on their products and locations. If you would like your farm or homestead added, just email us and we are happy to get you in!

We also work with some social justice non-profits & have a supportive network with them.  

Local Civil & Social Justice Programs For Health & Wellness:

LGBTQ Community Networks:

“Love is Love,” By: Liza Mayer

We have much love for our LGBTQ Community here! You are always welcome to join in on anything you please, or we are happy to help set you up with your own small group where you live.

Here are some of the awesome LGBTQ networks that we work with, check them out!

Animal and Conservation Justice:

  • 3 B’s (Bees, Birds, & Butterflies Sanctuary)
  • The Farside Bunny Ranch & Rescue
  • Orriane Society 

Educational Partners in Religion, Culture, Folklore:

  • Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders 
  • Tribal Warriors
  • Free Heritage Chief Yagbe Awolowo https://yagbeonilu.com/
  • Sikh Coalition