“My Church is Nature,” By: Daven Wolf

ReciprociTree Church Incorporated Mission Statement: 

At ReciprociTree, we believe in a church for everyone. Friends gathering together from every background, every color, every culture, every belief system, any sexual preference or gender preference, every worldview (religious or non religious) and gaining wisdom from one another.

We believe in humanity, and that everyone has something to bring to the table, equally of value. That is our only creed.

Our vision and goal is to be the proverbial bridges of the world. Weaving the threads of stories, cultures, folklore, and religions across the globe, and finding the commonalities that hold us together as one human race. 

With a heart for Social Justice, Education, Outreach, and Resourceful Information, we desire for people to feel accepted, and find their place spiritually in this world. Every human being deserves to feel connected and a part of something bigger than themselves.

We believe that by bringing people together for common goals of “helping thy neighbor,” in community outreaches and causes, (local or online), that the love for community overrides any prejudices and biases.

Also, by singing songs from all nations with respect for their ways, and sharing cultural foods and potlucks after each gathering, we gain understanding about the world and our neighbors.

 Here we work with leaders from a wide array of religions and views across the world, who are able to guide people deeper on their personal paths if they desire to go one way.

From renowned scholars, educators, spiritual leaders, pastors, theologians, priests, rabbis, practitioners, counselors, and more, we try to cover all bases from all worldviews in order to make those meaningful connections for people.

At ReciprociTree Church, we work within our communities to build trust, understanding, and a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. We are strong believers in connection, gathering time, and hands on programs to bring people together.

From supporting local farmers and craft-workers, to working with local and international artists on fundraisers, LGBTQ community, immigrant care, conservation projects, animal protection services, cultural education in schools, and many more programs, we try to be involved with our community (both local and online) any way that we can.

If people feel forgotten or left out by society, our aim is to be there for Them, and remind them of their importance here.

We work hand in hand with other wonderful non-profits locally, nationally, and internationally, to bring awareness, break stigmas, and dismantle prejudices. Together, we connect the world!

About the Founder:

I (Amy) have Pastoral and Counseling degrees from multiple colleges including Hillsong International Leadership College in Australia where I worked for one of the world’s largest churches in Social Justice, Counseling, Youth Ministry, and Church Building.

Working hand and hand with many non-profits, ministries, and churches for almost 20 years, I have always desired to start my own.

Throughout the years, I have studied many religions and belief systems across the world, searching for similarities and the bridges of mankind. From my research and experience, I have seen the beauty in all of them, and have a passion for building connection, education and making informational resources available to all, in order to build relationships and break stigmas.

I got on an educational kick in my 20’s so I am also a certified Yogi, Personal Trainer, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, Posture & Corrective Exercise Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Vedic Thai Specialist, also certified in AromaTouch, The Biology of Sound, Positivity Psychology, Aboriginal Studies from the Univ of Sydney and about 10 other random certs or degrees as well. I never stopped going. I was making up for years of partying as a teen. Lol.

I also have an AMAZING TEAM here of comrades, educators, ministers, counselors, and more who are part of this church and I will have bios on shortly.

We Welcome You All! Xx

To read more about it, check out out blog: https://www.reciprocitree.com/uncategorized/reciprocitree-church-inc-the-little-weird-church-in-the-woods/