Cacao Delight Adaptogenic Blend


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Cacao Delight  

 Adaptogenic Blend

(Available in 5 Servings size and 30 Servings size)

             Made with all organic ingredients from across the globe designed to build      

               our immunity, brain health, heart health, & bring us back to nature with ancient blends. 

Ingredients:   Cacao *  Cocoa  *  MCT oil powder  *  Coconut oil powder

            *  Mucuna Pruriens Powder  *  Mixed Tocopherols  *  Acai Berry  *  Moringa 

 *  Amalaki  *  Brahmi  *  Collagen Peptide Powder *  Bhringraj  

* Camu Camu Berry  *  Baobab Fruit  *  Dried Avocado Powder  

*  Green Banana Powder  *  Acacia Senegal  *  Cardamom

*  Boswellia Serrata Extract  *   Goldenseal Root Powder  * Pea Protein

*  Astragalus  *  Ashwagandha  *  L Theanine  *  Ceylon Cinnamon  

*  Himalayan Salt  *  Turmeric   *  Ginger  *  Black Pepper  *  Cayenne

                      Mushrooms:  Reishi  *  Cordyceps  *  Chaga  *  Mesima  *  Lions Mane 

*  Turkey Tail  *  Maitake   *  Shiitake  *  Blazei  *  Poria   *  Agarikan  

*  Suehitotake   *  Oyster Mushroom   *  Tinder Polypore

Preparation ideas:

Hot:   1 Tbsp of Cacao Delight. Prepare like you would any hot chocolate drink and add your preferred creamer or sweetener. (I like a bit of honey and coconut creamer, but you do you!) 

These are made with zero sugar, so you are welcome to add it in. 

Cold:   I love it in smoothies! One scoop of Cacao  Delight  in a little blender with some ice, coconut/almond/regular milk, a banana, a few strawberries, scoop of peanut butter, and I’m in heaven! Chia and hemp seeds or a few nuts & berries are a nice treat as well. 

  Add anything else you like in or leave a few things out, get creative with it!

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 3 in
Cacao Delight Serving Size

5 Servings, 30 Servings


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