Private Services & Workshops


Whether you are staying with us on Airbnb, here on a retreat,  girlfriend getaway, just popping in for the day, or looking to book a workshop at your home or business, we have options for you!

*All Private Services are unique and one of a kind. Each session is detailed to the participant (or group) according to their level and desired outcome. Everything can be formatted for individuals, couples, or groups.

*Most sessions are held at Archaic Roots Monolithic Dome Home & Farm, where we live deep in the beautiful woods of Lakemont GA. and hold retreats. We are in the midst of building an outdoor training center for natural calisthenic training and aerial arts, so if you notice hoops and trapezes hanging from the trees, you’ll know why! 


Mind & Body Private Training-

 We offer personalized one on one training for  individuals or groups. These programs are designed to help you build  a stronger mind body connection, internal and external strength, as well as improve clarity, motivation, and focus.  These can include Yoga, Postural Correction, Pilates and Core Training, Kettlebell, Mixed Martial Arts, Boot Camp, or create your own fusion by picking any of the aforementioned classes. These can held either indoors or outdoors depending on preference.


Aerial Yoga Training-  


Unwind from your day with grace, and unfurl your spine like a boat setting sail in the comforts of our silk trapeze! This anti-gravity tool helps to alleviate pain, strengthen your muscles (mainly core), allow healthy traction for the spinal cord and neck, build mind-body connections, and a fun way to build self trust and confidence!   



Zen Package-

Enjoy a refreshing and zen-filled relaxation package that is designed specifically for you. This has a menu to choose from as well including; restorative yoga, pranayama breathing, meditation, self myofascial release, essential oils, cultural practices for stress relief, and other tools  designed to help you relax, release, and focus.   Also, enjoy a relaxing Sound Journey with musical instruments from across the world to bring you to more natural theta (restful) state.



Current Workshop Offerings:

*Each workshop is designed for individuals, couples, or groups, and is adjusted to all levels. They can all be strictly verbal (participatory lecture style) or have movement incorporated depending on your group including yoga, qigong, dao-yin and more!

*Prices vary upon group size so please email for more information!



Chakra Yoga & Meditation


An all levels introduction to cross cultural views on the chakra system and how it relates to us physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.  From Ancient Chinese and Indo- European perspectives to Native American & Australian perspectives on the chakric system- we touch a bit of it all!    


Art By: Kristin Davis of An Awkward Soul

Archetypal Psychology & Emotions-


Take a ride, deep into the human psyche to see what drives us, what holds us back, why we hold onto the past, and how we can let go of it, regaining control of our lives. We explore our minds with neuroscience, Jungian theories, .positivity psychology, the physiology of stress, and a journey into the ancient archetypes with inquiring minds, open hearts, and a few humble laughs!


Sound Journey & Vocal Toning


Learn the ancient techniques of Primordial Sound along with multi-language chanting, folk songs, cultural incantations, and toning while using quartz crystal singing bowls to help you find your voice. A fun and invigorating experience which leaves you relaxed, revived, and ready for the world with a fresh sense of self and intention!


Cultural Stories & Songs


 Let your heart, mind, and voice, be expanded and explored with themed stories and songs from across the globe in this group participation event! These are themed around principles and cultural threads so if you have a topic of preference we are happy to work it in (I.e- Love, Gratitude, Patterns, Fire, Emotions, etc)


“Mami Wata,” By: Laura James

Goddesses in History

One of my favorite topics! See how goddesses and gods of antiquity can still play a role in our everyday lives. This workshop takes you on an adventure through the ages to witness how mythologies and folktales are still being reenacted out in our very own homes, relationships, work spaces and more.


Creating Your Confidence as a Facilitator

A curriculum designed for teachers, facilitators, business owners, and holistic entrepreneurs both new and old to help grow their confidence as well as strengthen their networking skills. Marketing tools, authenticity techniques , goal distinguishing, steps to taking action, team building, leadership training, and a guide for day to day organization. (There is also a more detailed collaborative curriculum called  Starting Your Own Holistic Business.)


“The Offering,” By: Paul Levin

Guided Vision Journey Meditations: Deepening Your Sense of True Self

Release your former expectations and perceptions of life in a series of multicultural meditations all designed to unravel your worldviews, behavioral patterns, neuro-pathways and life habits, allowing you to see past the veil, deep into your own psyche and create new healthy patterns and opportunities.


Empowering The Empress: A Women’s Guide to Self Empowerment

Another favorite topic of mine! Welcome to my psychological  repertoire of self empowerment tools for times of big life changes, archetypal shifts, feelings of stagnation, depression, and so much more. Lessons for the phoenix to rise with power, grace and dignity instead of desperation, spite, and self gain. Multicultural affirmations, mantras, releasing meditations, trauma reparation, rewiring neural networks and much more!


Indigenous Instrument Presentation and Drum Circle

A fusion of cultures, instruments, and music extending across the world from Australia and Africa to South America and Europe, we come with a wide variety of instruments for groups to learn about and come together with a facilitated drum circle at the end. Led by William Rodriguez and Amy Hargis.


Storytelling & Sound Journey

Learn about different cultural tales about gods and goddesses, ancestors, wisdom, how the elements came to be, morals, and life principles, while experiencing instrumental sound and song from different tribes, groups, and nations.  Led by William Rodriguez and Amy Hargis.


Instrument Building and Indigenous Arts & Crafts

This event can be for all ages, and ranges in time allotted depending on the amount of attendees. Instruments can include african djembes, native american frame drums, flutes, didgeridoos, bullroarers, ocarinas and more. Arts & Crafts  can include smudge fans, dream catchers, natural wreaths, woodburning and other goodies! Led by William Rodriguez and Amy Hargis.


Experience India: Yoga & Authentic Indian Cuisine for Groups-

Enjoy an authentic Indian experience starting with relaxing yoga,  pranayama, and mudras 101, then a fresh handmade Punjabi dinner (or lunch!) created by Punjabi native Sukhin Chawla, who will also be sharing on her unique culture as well as finishing your night off with her outstanding homemade ayurvedic tea! Options for Belly Dance or Punjabi Dance are available as well. Led by Amy Hargis and Sukhin Chawla