Meet William and Amy! These two wild folks of the woods met when Amy owned a holistic wellness center up in Highlands N.C called The Wellness Place,  and William (owner of Archaic Roots in Lakemont, GA)  ran the community drum circles up there. Both were extremely driven business owners and cultural researchers with hearts for building healthy networks and synergistic camaraderie, so within time, they merged their businesses into ReciprociTree: Conscious Networking & Events.

(Left to right): William, Maya, Koda, & Journey eating home grow organic watermelon from friends!

This is a place where people can gather and connect, seeing which ways they can benefit each other and just do life together! We like to call ourselves Professional Friend Collectors  sometimes.  Together we live out in the woods at Archaic Roots Monolithic Dome Home & Farm  where we run retreats, cultural immersions,  indigenous instrument building, goddess gatherings, drum circles, and more.  We also have the honor of running this business with William’s 3 amazing children, Koda (11), Journey (9), and Maya (6), where we all do our part to keep it running and make it a fun group project. From planning family style retreats to feeding the bunnies, cleaning sheets and making gifts for retreat guests, this house is a ship and everyone pulls their weight! Ha! The kids tell us that when we die they’d like to keep running the business here….. We told them that’s great and all, but maybe we shouldn’t  rush it and there’s lots to learn before we die. Lol. We try to live very self sustainable and teach the kids how to live as naturally as possible by growing our own food, learning trades, etc.

William is a brilliant graphic designer, web developer, indigenous instrument builder, teacher, healer, and mainly, the most responsible and loving father I know (it’s Amy talking here, I’m more than happy to brag on him!) Coming from a Taino background with mainly Cuban, Mayan, and Guatemalan roots, William is a man of the earth who looks to the ways of the old for wisdom and day to day activities. When he’s not working, you will most likely find him around here carving ancient gods out of rocks, reading books on ancestors or animism, climbing trees, building drums or flutes, building fires, carrying machetes, and other amazing manly things.

As for myself (Amy), I am an eclectic gal who has a wide array of interests and goals- I rarely stop. I have degrees and certifications ranging from counseling, positive psychology, cultural competence,  the biology of sound, personal training, yoga, corrective exercise,  nutrition,  and a handful of other random ones throughout the years- what can I say, I got hooked on learning. (Click for full resume & offerings) If I am not working, you can usually find me reading books on culture, religion, mythology, goddesses, faeries, and all things fascinating. I also love the woods, fire, singing in other languages, and talking to ancestors in the trees. Pulling weeds also brings me an odd sense of accomplishment and satisfaction (when I do it! Ha!)  I love our lifestyle and our funky little farm with our pack of crazy animals- wouldn’t trade it for the world. We also have an entire rabbit village called “The Bunny Ranch,” with an eclectic mix of adorable little fluffy muffins to pet.

(Archaic Roots Dome Home view from the cabin)

See you in the woods!

-Will and Amy