Goddess Gathering: Patterns



Join us for another Goddess Gathering, this summer’s theme is PATTERNS, which is one of my faaaaaavorite topics in psychology to write curriculum on for the past 15 years. I just Love it.

If you’re a human, you have patterns in your life. There’s no way around it, it’s how we are neurologically wired. Some can be helpful, some can be destructive, it’s our job to look at ourselves and decipher what stays and what goes with our patterns.

We have family patterns, relationship patterns, job patterns, ancestral patterns, you name it, we weave it. Lol!

Workshops, discussions, and art projects have that theme for the weekend. Also yoga, pranayama breathwork, a proper tea party, playing in the apothecary, cuddling a million rabbits and chinchillas, bonfire, drums, and a billion laughs! We have such a great time each gathering. ???????‍♀️??‍♀️???‍♀️

These are Super laid back events. We get away from the world and chill, talk, work on art, learn a few cool multicultural stories and methods, and if you’re shy or socially anxious, well, you’ll fit right in because everyone says that before they come and then they leave with a handful of new friends. You’re welcome. ?????❤️

All food is Potluck and it never fails us!!! I do have lists of suggestions on what to bring for the weekend if you’re sleeping over which I email out after people sign up. Friday night some people come early to chill out and get settled in, that’s complimentary so if you’re traveling or want an extra night away by all means come Friday. ?

Feel free to ask any questions! We will be adding in who is teaching what as we plan the schedule, and we have regular tickets if you want to come kick back and enjoy a weekend off, or we offer work trades in exchange if you’d like to teach, have an art project to share, or pitch in with help wherever we need.

So excited to see my goddesses both old snd new! Can’t wait to howl at the moon with ya! ?????❤️❤️❤️

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