January 31, 2020 - February 2, 2020

Imbolc Goddess Gathering: Breaking Free: Transmuting Your Fear, Anger, & Pain into Experience


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“Breaking Free,” Goddess Gathering:

Transmuting Your Fear, Anger, & Pain into Experience


“The past has no power to stop you from being present now. Only your grievance against the past can do that. And what is a grievance? The baggage of old thought and emotion.” -Eckhart Tolle

 Welcome to another Goddess Gathering!

Within all of us, we contain an entire universe of our own emotional baggage from the past, starting at the very beginning of life. In childhood, we pick up small indications from those around us which determine our self worth. Throughout our hormonal years, we develop our identity and values (or lack there of), and as adults, we constantly recreate situations in our lives to help us heal from past hurts and pain whether we know it or not. Welcome to the Inner Pain Cycle.

Many cultures believe that each of us see through the lenses of our own experiences. If we have been traumatized, we witness things through the veil of trauma and can go through many similar situations until we are able to break the inner traumatic cycle. If we find ourselves in narcissistic relationships whether in friendships or romantic ones, we may be more susceptible to entering into more of them, which usually become progressively toxic ones. Psychologically, we are conditioned to return to patterns. It’s what we do! But the good new is, there is hope and restoration for us through ancient and modern philosophies, techniques, and applications.

Throughout this weekend course, we will be sharing multiple ways on how to break old patterns and create new ones emotionally, neurologically, and spiritually, leading you on your path to self healing. We are your guides for the weekend, but here you are your own shaman and healer. You are the craftsman who shapes your happiness and future, we just hand you the time appropriate tools.

This particular retreat is limited to 20 women.  You will also be returning home with a Curriculum (either digital or print) so you can remember what you’ve learned and apply it to your daily lives! Please bring your own Journal to write in for the weekend, that keeps it more personal to you. Some of the workshops are listed below, we also give discounts for buying multiple tickets so please check out the 2 Tickets: Bring a Friend Discount! These are collaborative events with multiple teachers all sharing their experiences and gifts of wisdom. If you are interested in sharing anything, by all means let us know, these are very fun and laid back retreats!

Workshops and Curriculum Include:


Releasing Trauma & Sexual Trauma

Strengthening Your Muladhara: Physical & Emotional exercises for the Pelvic Floor/Root Chakra

Cultural Goddesses of Emotion

EFT Tapping

The Neuroscience of Thought: Creating Healthy Thinking Patterns

Finding Forgiveness: Cultural Lessons on Letting Go

Digging Up The Roots: Writing Your Own Root Stories

Narcissism and Codependency: Who’s Who in the Game?

Hugging the Fireball: Owning Your Anger & Transmuting Your Pain

Coyote Caller: Controlling Your Fears and Reality

Multi-cultural Meditations for Crisis, Trauma, and Wellbeing

Healing Art Workshop

And More from our Guest Facilitators!


This event is held at our funky family friendly farm and Holistic Bed & Breakfast deep in the woods of Lakemont GA, called  Archaic Roots Monolithic Dome Home & Farm.   A peaceful and free spirited 3.4 acre healing forest, packed full with multi-cultural fun! Feel free to play some of our indigenous instruments, build a faerie home in the woods, snuggle up with one of our therapeutic bunnies, or even find a fire-pit or outdoor altar that’s calling your name, and go relax by it- there’s plenty to explore and do around here! Camping on the grounds is free and indoor accommodations are available upon request or through Airbnb on the links below. We also allow some folks to sleep Thai Slumber Style inside the dome in common areas for donation based, just bring sleeping gear or an air mattress, and we’ll make room! The dome is two levels and there’s lots of space.

All food is done as “Bring & Share,” where we all bring a little something and make magic happen in the kitchen or over the fire! If you have dietary restrictions you are more than welcome to bring your own private food supply. Anything is fine to bring, it never fails! This builds a really fun connection We will also email a list of Bring & Share Suggestions  in your registration email to make it easier. Can’t wait to connect!

Airbnb Links for our Guest Room and  Primitive Artist Cabin

See you in the woods!


William and Amy




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