October 1, 2021 - October 3, 2021

“Bridging The Worlds,” Cultural Immersion: An Appreciation of Yoruba & Santeria


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 Bridging The Worlds: 

 An Appreciation of Yoruba and Santeria


The Goddess “Oshun,” is a major deity (Orisha) in both Pantheons. The Goddess of Love, Fertility, and Sweet Water


“Echú-Elegguá,”  or in Yorùbá: Èṣù-Ẹlẹ́gbára” representation of a deity in both religions.

Join us for this Cultural Immersion of  “Bridging The Worlds,”  an appreciation and understanding of the Yoruba and Santeria history, culture, orishas (deities) and spiritual beliefs. We create these immersions to shed truth and light on subjects with the main goal of breaking stigmas and misinformation.

Societally, we are taught to fear the things of unknown, so our heart is to demystify beliefs and bring them down to a very practical level of understanding. In order to get a better grasp on what things truly mean, there are key points that one must look at, such as history, intention, societal conflicts, translations, and common cultural threads throughout the world.

The Yoruba people are descendants from a variety of West African communities who speak the language known as Yoruba. This is what connected them all wherever they were. Prior to the slave trade, Yoruba extended across the whole west coast of Africa and is now mainly in Nigeria, Togo, and Benin.

From the 1500’s to late 1800’s, millions of West Africans were enslaved and brought to multiple countries, forced to give up their language, culture, their gods (orishas), and all  religious practices (such as drumming, which is impertinent to their religion). Those brought to Cuba for enslavement bridged from Yoruba “The Lukumi,” or better known as “Santeria.”



Both religions although different, share many similarities including some of their orishas (deities), ancestral reverence, ceremonies, & beliefs. They also were both religiously resilient and true masters of disguise, because even though they accepted whatever religion was forced on them, be it Catholicism or Protestantism,  they kept their own religion and deities under the guise of  worshiping saints.

Not only did these cultural roots of Africa survive slavery, but they also kept their own religion alive amidst the most severe persecution. So here we are to show them reverence and explore a deeper understanding of the bridges between Yoruba and Santeria! “Jẹ ayeye!” (Let’s Celebrate!)

In this immersion, we will be threading together both ancient and modern Afro-Cuban thought on life, spirituality, history, culture, art, music, and tradition. Most of their cultural history was passed down via oral traditions such as storytelling, song and dance.

Art projects and instrument building are part of this retreat so you will be going home with creations. (Cost is included in ticket price.)  You will also receive an Immersion Curriculum Binder with all of the things you will be learning throughout the weekend. We have options for “Single Tickets,” or “2 Tickets: Bring a Friend Discount,” where you both will save money.


“Mami Wata,” African water deity in the diaspora known for healing, fertility, power. You can always catch her wrapped in a snake or looking in her mirror as the story goes! (Workshop includes many of her sea tales.)
Then and Now: The History of Yoruba & Modern Day Culture
Overcomers: Stories of the Slave Trade, Genocide, & Spiritual Oppression
Bridging Worlds: Yoruba and The Lukumí (Santeria) from Nigeria to Cuba
Orishas and their Archetypes
Indigenous Instrument Building
Ancestral Reverence & Multi-cultural Bridges
Observing Mami Wata
Breaking the Stigmas: Understanding Alters & Shrines
Origins and Understandings of Vodou (Voodoo)
Indigenous Instrument Presentation and Drum Circle
 Cultural Curriculum Binder with all workshops and of trusted spiritual advisers along with educational resources to deepen your connection in these subjects.

At events, we also offer healthy extra-curricular activities like Yoga,  Dance, Meditation, Sound Healing etc so if you would like to facilitate for one of those or something along those lines, by all means let us know! We are always happy to teach it but like to give others the opportunity to share their skills as well for a discounted ticket price.


“Orunmila,” Orisha of wisdom & knowledge who brought the “Ifa,” (Wisdom of Olodumare) to Earth.



This event is held at our funky family friendly farm and Holistic Bed & Breakfast deep in the woods of Lakemont GA, called  Archaic Roots Monolithic Dome Home & Farm.   A peaceful and free spirited 3.4 acre healing forest, packed full with multi-cultural fun! Feel free to play some of our indigenous instruments, build a faerie home in the woods, snuggle up with one of our therapeutic bunnies, or even find a fire-pit or outdoor altar that’s calling your name, and go relax by it- there’s plenty to explore and do around here! Camping on the grounds is free and indoor accommodations are available upon request or through Airbnb on the links below. We also allow some folks to sleep Thai Slumber Style inside the dome in common areas for donation based, just bring sleeping gear or an air mattress, and we’ll make room! The dome is two levels and there’s lots of space.

All food is done as “Bring & Share,” where we all bring a little something and make magic happen in the kitchen or over the fire! If you have dietary restrictions you are more than welcome to bring your own private food supply. Anything is fine to bring, it never fails! This builds a really fun connection We will also email a list of Bring & Share Suggestions  in your registration email to make it easier. Can’t wait to connect!

Airbnb Links for our Guest Room and  Primitive Artist Cabin

See you in the woods!


William and Amy

Art By: Melissa Pierce of Woodlings Studios



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