June 8, 2019 - June 9, 2019

Shamanic Whistle Making Immersion

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Working Title/Artist: Whistle
Department: Musical Instruments
HB/TOA Date Code:
Working Date: 19th century
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Experience the process combining earth, water, fire and air to make your own powerful clay shamanic whistle. These ancient ceremonial tools have been utilized by almost every culture, and highly regarded in shamanic and animistic cultures for their spiritual power. Whistling has been thought of as calls to the spirit realm for thousands of years. Learn ancient whistle making techniques and the historical development of whistles and flutes.

Receive educational presentations and booklets (to bring home) with detailed information on the how whistles work, the historical evolution of whistles, and their spiritual aspects and uses. Following the path of whistle evolution in history; with modern and ancient whistle examples (dating back 2,000 years) presented and played during the workshop. Then you will hand build your own clay shamanic whistle, and pit fire the clay in ancient tradition overnight.

This weekend immersion includes:

  • Free camping (cabin or private guest room available upon request)
  • Communal Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast
  • Fireside discussions, music making, and story telling
  • Group exploration in the Appalachian wilderness and local waterfalls with presentation of making whistles in the field.
  • Learn to make a clay whistle and other methods of making whistles in nature with wood and found objects.
  • Please visit Archaic Roots to register!


Ancient Precolumbian clay whistle with anthropomorphic dog design.

End the weekend with-

  • a pit fired whistle (or two) that you made yourself
  • a detailed education on whistle history and spiritual uses (with printed booklet of workshop info)
  • and a wonderful experience to remember for a lifetime



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