October 14, 2022 - October 16, 2022

Goddess Gathering: “Orisha Rising.” A Celebration of Oya & Matriarchal Change


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Welcome to another Goddess Gathering! A place where us women come together to learn about culture, history, tradition, art, life, and each other! Woooooo! I just adore these gatherings, they are filled with such incredibly authentic women.

We celebrate life,  educate ourselves,  teach each other,  open ourselves up, do workshops, art projects, yoga, learn about holistic health, all sorts of wonderful talents come through these doors. It changes for each event with themes and teachers, but it always seems to be the perfect fit for each one!

This one is called “Orisha Rising,” with a main curriculum theme wrapping around the Orishas (Orisas/Orixas) of the Yoruba and Afro-Caribbean indigenous cultures. Orishas are known to be spirits and messengers from higher deities who intervene with human affairs, some in a positive light some in a negative or trickster aspect depending on the view. I see them as the emotional ebb and flow within us all. There would be no light without the dark, so I can’t deem any as “bad.” What can I say? I love and appreciate them all for what they show me in myself!

“Ibeje Ifa Orisha of Twins,” by Laveaux 

Comparatively looking at Yoruba, Vodou, Vodun, & Santeria, we will also be delving into the historical impact that western religion had on these views. It is a fascinating world, rich with stories, archetypes, culture, tradition, storytelling, and so much more. I absolutely cherish these world views and their simplicity/complexity.

It is October, and there are many things being celebrated around the world so we will be discussing a few! Samhain (Europe), Diwali (India), Day of the Dead (Central & South America), and more. Comparing and contrasting the different goddesses across the world, building bridges, and sharing stories. For the Yoruba people it is the month of Oya (The Queen of the Storms and Bringer of Change…. one of my Favorites!) and the celebration of Owaro on this particular weekend. Weeeeee! 😉

This is one of my absolute favorite topics ever to teach on and talk about, I am genuinely excited for this! I have such a deep reverence and connection for these, it’s an honor to share it. They say that when Oya comes to your house, she doesn’t just bring a broom to sweep…. she blows the rafters off your roof. And that she does!!! Whenever I need a matriarchal shift in my life, there she comes with the storms.

So what changes in your life do you need to have brought out into the open? Tis the season for change across the world! 🙂


Here is a list of some of the curriculum and workshops for the weekend! There are always more added on as time goes along and guest teachers list their workshops.

Orisha Rising

*Finding the Goddess Within

*Archetypes and Orishas

*Cultural Comparatives- Yoruba, Ewe, Fon, Peoples’ of Africa and Afro-Caribbean Santeria history.

*History of Vodou,  Vodun, and modern western influence.

*Sweeping out from under the rug with Oya- Finding the Root & Making the Change

*Hecate and Legba- Multi-cultural Guides to the Underworld

*Art Projects for Samhain and Owaro

*Creating Protective Dolls

*Drum Circle & Fire Ceremony

*Yoga, Holistic Workshops, & More


This event is held at our funky family friendly farm and Holistic Bed & Breakfast deep in the woods of Lakemont GA, called  Archaic Roots Monolithic Dome Home & Farm.   A peaceful and free spirited 3.4 acre healing forest, packed full with multi-cultural fun! Feel free to play some of our indigenous instruments, build a faerie home in the woods, snuggle up with one of our therapeutic bunnies, or even find a fire-pit or outdoor altar that’s calling your name, and go relax by it- there’s plenty to explore and do around here! Camping on the grounds is free and indoor accommodations are available upon request or through Airbnb on the links below. We also allow some folks to sleep Thai Slumber Style inside the dome in common areas for donation based, just bring sleeping gear or an air mattress, and we’ll make room! The dome is two levels and there’s lots of space.

All food is done as “Bring & Share,” where we all bring a little something and make magic happen in the kitchen or over the fire! If you have dietary restrictions you are more than welcome to bring your own private food supply. Anything is fine to bring, it never fails! This builds a really fun connection We will also email a list of Bring & Share Suggestions  in your registration email to make it easier. Can’t wait to connect!

Airbnb Links for our Guest Room and  Primitive Artist Cabin

See you in the woods!






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