May 8, 2020 - May 10, 2020

Expanding Your Yoga Practice: Teaching, Philosophy, History, & Multi-cultural Methods


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Have you been practicing yoga for years and wanting to deepen your spiritual practice or experience different types to incorporate into your routine?

Or even a newly trained teacher who wants to build more confidence in teaching within a safe and fun environment? Well, we gotcha covered on this one!

This is a course for everyone to come engage, learn different types from all over the world, and build trust within themselves for their practice. This retreat is limited to 20 people and comes with course notes, so you can carry your new wisdom with you.

Those wanting to go into some of the other limbs of yoga, we have workshops designed to teach you how to apply these within your daily lives and multi-cultural tips on how to raise your own vibrations, find postures and meditations just right for you, even the right type of yoga, whether physical asanas are involved or not.

Those strengthening their teaching skills- you get to light up our lives with your teachings and wisdom, and we get to help inspire you with fresh new ideas and encouragement!  These are very supportive retreats where we all just come to learn from each other and edify one another on our paths.

One of my greatest passions is teaching people how to go after their teaching dreams and goals without all the hurdles and setbacks! I will include for you a few sections from our intensive course, “How To Start a Holistic Business,” which has great tips on how and where to find job opportunities, helpful ways to market yourself, collaborations, and how to not waste your time on the small things.

These events are created to build synergy within friendships and business networking, so if you own a business or sell anything, you are encouraged to bring what you have to market yourself and make connections! We have spaces for you to put out tables for your goods to sell or Barter Blankets of fun things used and new that you would want to trade with new friends!

Also, that Friday night is a complimentary night to stay in the Dome Home if you are traveling and want to be there on time, or just want to come relax and connect with others coming early. If you bring a friend and purchase 2 tickets, you both receive a discount!

Courses and Curriculum Include:


Owning Your Confidence as a Teacher or Practitioner: Finding Your Unique Niche
Knowing Your Body Type & Understanding Others: Physiology and Bio-Mechanics
Posture Correction & Corrective Exercise
Yoga Off The Mat: Walking Your Talk
Psychology in Yoga: Cognitive, Jungian, Positivity Psychology, & Many More
Sound Healing & Primordial Sound / Vocal Toning
Ancient Archetypes within the Chakras
Sanskrit & Chanting 101
Understanding Deities and Mantras
 Living by the Code: Exploring Yamas and Niyamas
Getting into the Gita: Multi-cultural Life Lessons from Krishna & Arjuna
Cultural Threads: A Multi-Cultural Experience of Yogic Life
Honoring the Sacred (While Still Having Fun!)
Building Your Community:  Recommendations for Teachers and Practitioners on how to branch out and build networks
And Lots of Different Types of  Yoga! -All Levels, so don’t feel intimidated! 🙂

A Bit About Me:

My first teacher training was just about a decade ago where I started with Vinyasa Krama and then shifted to many different methods and cultural types throughout the years.  I can still remember like it was yesterday how important it was to me as a practitioner. I remember feeling like “Whoa- I can’t believe I have been practicing yoga for a while now and I had no idea I was doing most of it wrong!” And then the feeling after becoming a teacher was “Whoa! I can’t believe I have all of this amazing information on this stuff and a million things I want to teach…. but I still don’t really know how to teach comfortably.”

That is a lifelong journey I believe, but one of my biggest passions is seeing people become more comfortable in their own skin whether they are a practitioner or a teacher. I have personally found my own style throughout the years but I still honor every pathway the same, and I enjoy sharing and celebrating them all! Each has their place, whether they resonate with us or not. They are symbolic, archetypal, and will always show you where you are at in your life and what you desire.

I’ll spare you the deets on my life journey, but the world of yoga led me down so many pathways. I was already a pastor and seminary student by the time I found yoga and was working on my Masters in Counseling and had just spent two years at Hillsong International Leadership College in Australia. It was very confusing at first trying to integrate everything together, but alas, they eventually fit hand in hand. I was a wild child in my youth so I went full force into education in my 20’s.

From the prior degrees, I expanded into holistic health and got certified in everything I could, went to hundreds of workshops and a plethora of courses through different renown colleges. Certifications ranging from Personal Training, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutrition & Fitness Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Mixed Martial Arts Specialist, Aerial Artist, Certificate of Youth Ministry working with Social Justice, as well as certified in Positivity Psychology, The Biology of Sound, Vedic Thai Bodywork, and a handful of other randos- I tried to touch on them all, Mind Body, & Soul. I am currently enrolled in the university of Sydney for learning about Aboriginal history and culture, and I’ll probably never stop learning, compiling, and teaching, I love it so much and also love helping share tips along the way to save people time and effort! To read more please click our bio link below.


This event is held at our funky family friendly farm and Holistic Bed & Breakfast deep in the woods of Lakemont GA, called  Archaic Roots Monolithic Dome Home & Farm.   A peaceful and free spirited 3.4 acre healing forest, packed full with multi-cultural fun! Feel free to play some of our indigenous instruments, build a faerie home in the woods, snuggle up with one of our therapeutic bunnies, or even find a fire-pit or outdoor altar that’s calling your name, and go relax by it- there’s plenty to explore and do around here! Camping on the grounds is free and indoor accommodations are available upon request or through Airbnb on the links below (prices are discounted for retreats). If you would like to come stay the Friday before, that’s available as well,some people come early and pitch in or hang out.

All food is done as “Bring & Share,” where we all bring a little something and make magic happen in the kitchen or over the fire! If you have dietary restrictions you are more than welcome to bring your own private food supply. Anything is fine to bring, it never fails! This builds a really fun connection We will also email a list of Bring & Share Suggestions  in your registration email to make it easier. Can’t wait to connect!

Airbnb Links for our Guest Room and  Primitive Artist Cabin

See you in the woods!


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