Learning to cope in life can truly be described as a form of art. We each have our own methods of coping whether they are learned or innate reactions and behaviors. Although some of these responses are innate or instinctual, the vast majority of them are learned which also means that they can be “un-learned,” or revised.  (i.e watching how other people cope with their pain or trauma and following suit in your own perceptive way). By us knowing what it means to have  healthy coping mechanisms, we can allow ourselves to set healthy boundaries, have higher standards, and live a life full of hope and restoration instead of pain and destruction.

We recently interviewed one of our Sponsors & Networking Partners, Stephanie Almeida of Full Circle Recovery Center in Franklin, North Carolina to see what some of the greatest needs around her community are and what are some of the programs that are offered there at her center. She educated us about some of the most common struggles and what  they offer there to help aid these problems at hand. We absolutely LOVED hearing what she has going on there and wanted to share some of these fantastic programs that Full Circle Recovery Center LLC has for individuals and families in need. The one that  really stood out to us for this blog in particular was about their program for families learning how to cope! (More Below)

-Here is a great short video by Dr. Gabor Mate on addiction and coping skills. Worth the 4 minute investment whether you are struggling or not! This is very good information for anyone.  🙂

So, now we can see why it is so incredibly important to learn how to cope properly, in a healthy, and functional manner. Many times we will still need to retrain our thought patterns, change our habits, and let go of the old perceptions that we once held of ourselves. This can then lead to healthy changes in our behaviors, values, and overall lives.

If you or a loved one is looking for support, please check out “Learn To Cope,” at Full Circle Recovery before it is too late. We have all lost someone to that battle, and if these programs can help prevent one more life from being taken too soon, it’s worth a phone call to the center, an email, or a friendly visit with some people there who really care about you. Stephanie is a personal friend of ours and it has been such a pleasure knowing her heart. Having lost a family member herself, her drive to help her community is one in a million and we are certainly proud to call her friend!

LEARN TO COPE is a support group for parents, family members, spouses, and caregivers with a loved one who is struggling with addiction to opiates, alcohol, or other drugs.

Meetings will be held on Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 PM

at Full Circle Recovery Center

3261 Georgia Road, Franklin, NC 28734