We had the pleasure of recently attending a beautiful after hours dining experience with Michelle Halpern, the owner of The Artists’ Kava House Grill,” at 110 Main Street  in Tallulah Falls, Georgia. What a  delight!!! Great parking, health driven food, kava, quality beer & wine, more than enough space to bring a dinner party or hold a gathering- the place was HUGE! It’s divided really cool, almost in separate sections, which we liked because there can be different group events, birthdays, live music, and more, happening all at the same time without it being too disturbing for others. Yet it still feels like one big place that you can walk around into each section and check out what’s happening without feeling out of place. Loved that! The patio and outdoors space was incredible too which she is hoping to start having children’s programs and adult educational events as well where local artists, teachers and business owners can collaborate- it was truly inspiring!

We got to hear a bit about her journey and how she opened, hilariously enough, she started off going to the same Kava Bar that I used to go to in my home town of Boca Raton, Florida, originally called “The Nakamal,” which was right off of Federal Highway- a Fantastic spot which had locals & friends gathering nightly or weekly to catch up with their other  Kava lovers. It held a very united and familial feel to it there, so there is no doubt that she carries the same vibe and energy as they did! How cool to see a sweet taste of south Florida up here in the mountains! First thing I read on the menu was how it’s all cooked with real butter and healthy oils including grape seed oil. Nice!  Sunflower seeds on a gorgeous, hand tossed salad was a precious touch as well… it’s the little things that matter! The salmon with fresh vegetables over rice which were perfectly seasoned with liquid aminos instead of soy sauce- Gasp!) SCORE! The pulled pork was another winning choice at our table, everything was very enjoyable at this local gem to say the least.

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Talk about an Awesome Combination!!! Conch Fritters and Kava for two??? Yes Please!

Meeting a community minded, and business driven woman such as Michelle, made it a very rewarding evening indeed. Fresh and fun visions for the spot, an inclusive heart that wants to pull people together with art, music, food, good libations and more, we can definitely see the exciting dream that she has and the hard work that has already been put into it! The staff is great and the space itself has cute and homey details and decor, lovingly spread throughout it. We are Thrilled to be able to collaborate with her on some events and gatherings that will be held there. We Can’t Wait to see all of the fun things that will happen at The Artist’s Kava House & Grill! So with sincere thanks and appreciation,  we wish you the very best in all that you do on this fun and adventurous journey you’re on! See you soon!

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