This was too great to not share- it truly was one of the funniest and most meaningful moments of my life. Where do I start….. Well, as the new year of 2018 rang in, we as a whole in the Dome Home declared it to be “The Year Of Truth.” We teamed up and agreed to be honest about our mistakes, our feelings, our actions and so forth, therefore obliterating any manipulative behaviors in ourselves for the good of our home and humanity. (It’s actually been an amazing year and we call each other out with love constantly and say “it’s the year of truth, you better be honest!”) And  in those moments we have to face ourselves and each other with honesty and integrity….. for the most part. Lol.

Maya (5) giving her statement and showing her written proof of bite marks and sizes

Recently we had a multi child complaint of fighting and biting, which turned out to be the mystery of “Who Was Bitten By Whom?”  Each child told me their side, which instantly became confusing so I asked for written statements and then it got professional real quick. We had witness statements, proper council, mediation, a pre-trial hearing, and even court room music playing when the judge came in. William was out at a meeting during the alleged assault so the kids surprised him with Law & Order when he got home.  He was the honorable judge with a gavel and all (Koda’s idea), we were all very proud. Before his procession into the courtroom (the living room) we all had to rise and show him respect- I loved that so much, especially because he had no idea what he was walking into! 

The defense and witness stating their case to the judge.

The prosecution and defense stated their sides as the judge calmly listened and took note. There were “objections,” and “sustained’s ”  being thrown around, proper documents given to Dad… (I mean Judge Rodriguez). I even submitted photographs as forensic evidence where we all bit ourselves to measure our teeth imprints, and everyone even bit me for some reason claiming it was “extra proof.” That too was instantly confusing. Both sides were very convincing, and alas, it was a mistrial, leaving us in wonder…. “Did Journey bite Maya?…… or did she honestly bite herself to get her brother in trouble?….” We were stumped, a little let down in our chat before bed but nonetheless,  not exactly going to lose sleep over it.

Courtroom discussions. Things got real. 

The next day someone lost electronic  time (over who knows what) and we decided to bring up the unsolved mystery again. Finally, we had our perp’s confession. Exposing their mistake with integrity (and an apology) was well worth it for that sacred time of Minecraft. We honored their truth and everyone felt relieved. I also feel relieved because today I admitted that I ate the Hershey bar and left the wrapper on the counter. And it was also mainly me who burned the oven mits. I say mainly because they were burned before… but now they are like really burned. And that was me. Phew. That feels so good to release. May you go and release your iniquities and make room for truth!