Root Stories:

First off, what is a Root Story?

“Root Stories,”  are comparable to myths. Experiential tales of life lessons and moral stories, rooted in truth. Something that has never necessarily happened before, but is also happening all the time to any of us or in one point of time in our lives. They are our own personal stories and life experiences being replayed throughout human history. The stages and players change, but the themes carry on.


you can see this in As Joseph Campbell said, “Every myth is psychologically symbolic.  So are Root Stories. There is a feeling of understanding that comes with most of them at one point of our lives or another.

They are the connection to your inner wisdom from both the depths of your psyche and soul, as well as from ancestral knowledge weaved throughout your subconscious.

They hold both darkness and light, telling the tales that many can relate to, while weaving human experiences together into one never ending story.

They are personal, yet collective. Our story, but also the world’s story. And those are the same stories that have been told since the beginning of time, (or let’s say recorded history to be safe.)

This one was written for multiple people I know experiencing the same things in an array of different ways…

The Iron Mouse holds a conversation with it’s friend, “The Rat Queen,” -which is really just it’s own subconscious.

Do you catch yourself reliving patterns and setting your own metaphorical mouse-traps?

Tune into your intuition. Seek whatever myth, god, goddess, archetype, folktale, or  that has experienced that same pain before, and talk yourselves out of it. Every day is a new chance to re-write our life stories. May this help you talk yourself out of the darkness, into fresh new perspectives- or even write your own story!

      The Iron Mouse    

“I’m dying again,”

-Said the mouse to it’s friend,

“And this one marks the thousandth time.

I really don’t know,

How few lives left to go,

Or if any of the former were mine…”

“Whatever do you mean?

Asked it’s friend, (The Rat Queen)

Now, Don’t we all die just one death?”

But the mouse said, “not true-

And you’ll experience it too…

When your heart breaks-

you’ll take your last breath.

For it happens in life,

So much pain, so much strife,

And just when you can’t take anymore…

-The world grabs you,

And stabs you,

Then Delightfully jabs you,

Until you’re crying on your mouse shower floor.

(The mouse sobbed on) It’s a cruel world out there,

And These days, mice just don’t care,

About values, or committing to dreams.

They’ll lie, and they’ll cheat,

And they’ll treat you like meat.

Until your words are just silent screams.”


“This sounds wretched!”

(Cried the queen,)

“And I don’t want  to sound mean-

But I’m curious to know one more thing…

Now, might one just say, that

you’ve possibly made it this way,

And your creations come with a mighty sting?

For if our words become our tools,

And if our thoughts serve as our mules,

Then their powers should be held in high regard.

For it is they that guide our lives,

And there are rules-

(which they devise)

That the universe,

always holds the highest card.


For what you say and what you do,

Become your reality, and come true-

So you might want to keep your every word in check.

If we’re the ship, words are the rudder,

(And No Ma’am , I did not stutter)

They will truly set the course of your life trek.


They are the boss, we’re just the staff.

They are the wheat, we are the chaff,

And no matter what, they’ll always get their way.


So if we focus on whats bad,

and all the things that make us sad,

We will surely find our lives in disarray.”


“Now wait just a minute!” cried the mouse,

“But have you ever been abandoned by your spouse?

And have to continue a dream,

You planned with someone else?


One day they harshly change their mind,

And their emotions, run them blind,

Then they hurl insults and slander,

Putting you through hell.”


“Might I say, I am quite keen-

To figure this out,” (chimed in the Queen)

But haven’t you learned so many lessons

From all your past lives?


For I know we’ve spoken once before,

And so I’ve heard your mighty roar,

You’re a force to be reckoned with, and thrives.”


An internal bell had suddenly rang,

So Mouse went to the woods and sang.

And remembered all the powers that it possessed.


That mouse could whisper to the trees,

bring a whole perish to its knees,

Talk to a child sweetly until they confessed.


Mouse saw a new perspective at last-

For it was blinded by its past,

And was focusing on all the former pain it’s known.


It wasn’t  seeing its new life,

With a new mouse love, (& not all that strife!)

So mouse excitedly ran from the woods back to their home.


Now there’s a good end to the story you see,

For that mouse had a whole new family.

Even though it was not the one it started from.


They’d felt the pain the world had to offer,

So within themselves, they grew even softer.

And it was truly magical what they had become.


Krampus Loves Alice By: Tammy Mae Moon of Moon Spiral Art

-Woman of the Woods