** Come and try out our New Specials for the D.I.Y  Spa! Our new Far Infrared Sauna with Color & Music Therapy, Vitamin D-Light Bath and Full Body Vibration Machine. (You can choose how long for each), you are also welcome to try out Body Buffing and Self Myofascial Release (S.M.R) , Essential Oils, Guided Meditation Hemi-Syncs, Ionic Foot Bath Detox, Inversion Table and More during your D.I.Y Spa Time! Because let’s be real…. you don’t Always need us. 😉

Everything included in this package is to assist you in Detoxification (even down to the bones!), Pain Relief & Pain Management, Skin Health, Muscle & Bone Restoration, Weight Loss, and overall Emotional & Physical Wellness.

Anytime that we do not have classes or privates you are welcome to book your own or pop in to check it out! **


D.I.Y Spa Package

See You Soon!! 🙂


The Wellness Place