If you have an affinity for all things miniature, tiny, adorable, magical, and mindful, you will Love this Asheville artist duo that we met at one of our Kinsfolk Gatherings (The Faerie and Labyrinth Festival). And might I say, it has been an utmost delight to sift through their handmade treasures, learn about who they are, and what they do as well! Fascinating folks indeed. From enchanting woodland animals and mythological  creatures for gardens, to the deeper spiritual realms and the enigmatic, they’ve got a bit of it all!

Without further ado, we present Rowan and Ryan of Fourth Branch Studios! We were enamored by the way that they describe themselves as a whole, and I couldn’t have possibly phrased it any better.

Their bio states, “Fourth Branch Studios is the mystical offspring of soulmates in the misty mountains~ an entire world of enchanting creatures, forest magic, and spirit-filled fine crafts in ceramic, pyrography, leather, and wearable art.” 


Their style was so refreshingly to see. Down to earth, cultural, mythological, and overall fascinating! I couldn’t stop digging into their website and social media to find more. They describe their art and goods as “Handcrafted Magic Of The Forests,” which was exactly how I felt about their pieces when I saw them. My favorite part about their items is stated best by them as well.

“Everything we make is infused with intention, protection, and the great cosmic love of which we seek to be a conduit.”  I just love that.  So you are not only receiving little treasures… but treasures with amazing “heartists”, creating them with you in mind. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

The items that I found the most captivating were their Casting Rune Divination Set. Runic divination is described as an ancient language of layered meanings, metaphor, and symbolism in which you cast the runes to answer questions. I found these so intriguing, as I used to love how Jewish high priests used the Urim and the Thummin for divination to connect with divine answers. I received a set of my own runes from them, and might I proudly state- not only are they so beautifully made, but they also came with tiny little natural treasures in their adorable little carrying bags! Such a simple touch to put in a little healing stone of some sort and a miniature bundle of moss, I was so impressed. Little things like that make my DAY. Seriously. One of these days I am determined to bring them out for a Goddess Gathering or Cultural Immersion Retreat here to teach in the deeper realms!

There is so much more that I can say about their art but it’s even better to check out on their website!
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