SCORE!!!! WE DID IT!!!! Chef Christopher Dupont  has agreed to be the Executive Wellness Chef for Holistic Highlands Saturday October 8th!! This modern, cutting egde, avant garde (AND INSANELY SEXY!) Chef, Musician, and Artist, will Blow Your Mind with his artistic and creative One-of-a-Kind style!  He will be up front and center throughout the day, then join him inside The Wellness Place at 12pm for a more intimate setting with the Organic, Non-GMO  “Lunch and Learn” where he will give you tips on healthy cooking and we can all sit on our stools with our heads in our hands, gazing in girly Adoration……. at the Food!  Right, Yes…that’s what I meant, gazing at the food.   😉

We are also So Excited to see Chef Christopher working hard to open an AMAAAAAZING Health Conscious & Educational Restaurant next door in the plaza! Talk about taking The Holistic Highlands Village and Rainforest Retreat Center to the next level!  His Vision for Gourmet Health & Wellness are INSPIRING as is his Menu, Business Plans, and the Name will literally make you SWOON!! I did. 🙂 An experienced and ageless collective of Bistronomy, Raw Fine Dining, Conscious Cooking (prepared with the finest Oils, Ingredients, etc) & Multi Culture with flares of Parisian influence- this Mastermind blends both modern and classical cooking in a new and improved, Holistically infused tasteful way!

He has also constructed Health Conscious Cooking Classes for multiple levels- both At-Home-Cooking Style and Gourmet, (or both!) whichever way you’d like to cook for yourself or guests. Not Only That!! A local Audio-Visual Group has asked to FILM him for a Cooking Show based on his concepts! (WOW!! Move Over, Curtis Stone!). His heart for health and synergy are remarkable and we couldn’t be More Pleased to have someone so intuitive and talented joining the awesome family we have all become here. So incredibly excited to see him work his Magic because he definitely deserves it! I dream about his food all the time- I have to have it here- and you know those dreams that you wake up from thinking you won the lottery or are best friends with Oprah and are TOTALLY let down upon awakening? It’s like one of those dreams…. except worse because I’m usually Starving when I wake up…. Le Sigh.  🙂

* If you feel that you, or someone you know  would want to be involved or invest in such a unique (and edible) Health-Bound-Culinary-Adventure, by all means feel free to reach out and we would Love to fill you in on more details! Call 828-316-7099 or email *

 SATURDAY OCTOBER 8th!! See You There!!! (Events Schedule is on Page 2)14064124_1783000818650345_7807297066587297806_n


HolisticHighlands October

Holistic Highlands October 2016 Schedule!

Holistic Highlands Schedule

***PROCEEDS GO INTO THE PAY-IT-FORWARD COMMUNITY FUND which this year will sponsor the Local Highlands FIREFIGHTERS and FIRST RESPONDERS for Corporate Wellness and Healthy Lunches! We are SO GRATEFUL to be able to honor them with this program!***