Meet World Renown Sound Healers Paradiso and Rasamayi! These sweet souls (I’m not even kidding- they are Literally the SWEETEST PEOPLE EVER!!!) are So looking forward to being of service to our Community here and bringing healing songs and harmonic overtones into Highlands at The Wellness Place! They will be providing a sound healing concert on Wednesday, 10/26 at 7PM and Crystal Bowl Workshop (Aum Tune Up)  on Thursday, 10/27 at 7PM . You can pre-register for the Early Bird Discount at $22  by going to  (You can also do BOTH for an Early Bird Discount of $60!!) We absolutely ADORE them and are elated when they are in town with us! It’s so incredibly exciting to share these precious people with you, can’t wait to see you there! xoxo 
Here’s a great short video on our amazing friends!
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See You There!
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