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Erika relaxing while receiving a Sound Healing session

Sacred Sound Healing  & Meditation – Let go of all of your stress and worries with a Private Sound Healing  (Privates/Couples/Groups/Parties Available). Every Session is uniquely catered to the moment & to each person on an individual level with prayer and intention. Whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, the power of Sound & Music is one of the most healing modalities since ancient times. They vibrate at 786,000 pulses per Millisecond (That’s A Lot of vibrational healing going through the air!) When combined, the bowls bells, & gongs create Harmonic Overtones and Binaural Beats which send signals to the brain telling it to go into a more Theta state. Other cultural & shamanic instruments are included as well. If you have never experienced it, you are in for a Relaxing Musical Treat!! These are held at both locations, in Highlands and in Lakemont GA. You may also book private sessions in your home! For Highlands call 828-526-9698 or for Georgia Area/ In Home Concerts call 828-316-7099
90 Minute Concert- $150 (In Home- $200)