March 21, 2020 - March 21, 2020

Dome Home Yoga: Postural Correction, All Levels Intro to Vinyasa, Isometrics, & Make Your Own Kefir Probiotics Workshop


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Welcome to Archaic Roots Dome Home! We are tucked back in the woods of Lakemont, Georgia (behind Lake Rabun) where we run a holistic B&B as well as hold retreats & raise animals.???❤️

This year we are having some mini Daycation Days for folks to escape the madness of life and come kick it for a bit. There will be a mix of Yin and Yang throughout the season (passive/relaxing, & active/strengthening). It’s good to have a balance in life! ? So here’s an All Levels Basics of Yoga one for ya!

*POSTURAL CORRECTION- This is my Jam. I had been a Yoga teacher for years before I went on to become a Corrective Exercise Specialist with an expertise in Posture. I was able to fix my joints, my connective tissue, remove pain, you name it. It is absolutely bizarre how a few minor adjustments can change our lives! I will take you through your kinetic chain, proper muscles to use, and how to consciously engage them in your ADLs (Activities of Daily Living. I.E- how to work out without really working out!)

*BEGINNERS’ VINYASA- Vinyasa is a method in Yoga which links each body movement to a breath.  It is very strategic, so I like to teach the strategies and postures in a very thorough manner so people can really grasp what a flow is like. That way, when you go to more advanced classes, you’ll know what you are actually doing! Ha! That really helps. We will go through the proper alignments, musculature, breathwork, and more. All Levels can attend this one.

*PRANAYAMA Breathing Techniques- (these save my life in stressful times!) ??

*MAKE YOUR OWN (KEFIR) PROBIOTICS LESSON- I will teach an introductory lesson on Probiotics for gut health and how to make your own at home! Those things are quite expensive if you buy them, so I Love showing people how to make their own and improve their own health! This lesson will be on KEFIR specifically and there will be many other workshops with other Probiotic recipes. You can even bring some home if you’d like to start your own batch!

We do class about the first 2 or so hours and then we hang and commune over some good ol’ food and chit chat. A fun time to share what’s been going on in our brains! Love that part.

Cost is $25 and a little side dish to share for after. (Or bring a friend and save 5 each! 2 tickets for $40)  *If you would just like to come for the first hour of Yin Yoga, cost is $15. You can also get an extra discount by purchasing your tickets in advance online! Woohoo!

(Online Discounts last until the day before these events)


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