THIS AUGUST!!!! – Join us for another one of our Rainforest Retreats! We have just partnered up with Archaic Roots & Lightheart Living to throw an even Bigger and Better Retreat than EVER! Celebrating the Solar Eclipse and the Sacred Masculine/ Divine Feminine- we will have a Beautiful, Fun, Enlightening, Inspiring, Awakening, Music & Drum Filled, Artful & Instrument Building weekend that will leave you feeling Connected and Alive! There are Ticket Options which include either Full Price (So you can take some YOU time & come enjoy Everything) -Or- a Work Trade Program for students and teachers to be able to affordable come co-create and Play! (Details at the bottom!)
***People can start to come Friday (Aug 18th) to relax, drum, eat, mingle, and co-create before we start the festivities on Saturday! Also if they are doing a Work Trade or Teacher Trade Program where they would like to help in advance!***
There will be TWO SITES. Both men and women are allowed to attend either one or go back and forth to Both if they desire! Site One will be held here in the rainforest of Highlands which will be:
“THE YANTANIN,” (Divine Feminine) location and focused on more Relaxation and Self Love/ Self Care.  This will be run mainly by Melody Lightheart, Julie Benham, Jennifer Henry, Kimberly Vaughn & will include:
*Sound Healing & Drumming
*Sacred Cacao Ceremonies
*Women’s Empowerment
*Dance *Yoga *Meditation
*Mindful Stress Relief Techniques *Waterfall Hikes *Acro & Aerial Arts for Beginners *Flow Arts Hooping *Natural Art- Wreath Making & Zenful Flower Arranging *Bare Mineral Make-Up & Building Natural Confidence w/ Jennifer *Essential Oils *Workshops on Food and Cooking *Healing Spa Time- Infrared Sauna, Full Body Vibration, Body Buffing, Vitamin D-Light Bath, Jade Infrared Bio-Mat, and lots more! Edible Flowers, Chocolates & Ayurvedic Teas- Oh My! (All Workshops are OPTIONAL! Either attend or hang out & Relax!)
Moroccan Style Camping 
The Second Location is “THE MASINTIN,” (Divine Masculine) just down the mountain at ARCHAIC ROOTS which will have more of a Self Sustainability and Empowerment vibe to it.
*Indigenous Instrument Building- Bamboo Digeridoo
*Basics of Herbal Medicine *Primitive Pottery Firing
*Bull Roarer Making Workshop *Outdoor Aerial Rigs
* Camping   *Hiking & Outdoor Excursions
*Slacklining *Kettlebell & Outdoor Resistance Training
*Empowerment Meetings
* Fires & Fire Performers
*Shamanism & Animism History & Culture
*Storytelling & Native Songs 
*Mud-Bathing *Tribal Paint
*Waterfall Music Meditations & Lots More!
Run By William Rodriguez, Amy Hargis, Seth Vaughn & Matt Bosch.
*This is not specifically to separate men and women- we all have a bit of both masculine and feminine sides in us! This is designed to nurture Both sides and aspects of ourselves. 🙂 So go to whichever site will feed your soul more for the weekend to bring you into balance! If you need some down time to relax, head over to site one, Yantanin and be pampered and loved on! If you’re feeling like you want to be more connected to the earth and fire, letting your wild side out, head on down to Masintin! BOTH Groups will meet at The SACRED DRUM CIRCLE on SUNDAY NIGHT before the eclipse where we will drum into the morning! People are free to come and go as they please and if they would like to stay back at the site and relax that’s more than fine!
There will be Community Meals so anything you feel led to bring is fine, we will have food as well. If you have strict dietary needs, please take that into consideration and feel free to bring whatever you need, we will always have room in the fridge! By all means reach out with any Questions, Concerns, Ideas or Anything Else!
FOR QUERIES CALL: 828-526-9698 or Text 828-316-7099
*Early Bird Discount- $299 [wp_cart_button name=”Solar Eclipse Retreat Early Bird Special” price=”299″] 
*Early Bird Discount 2 Tickets- $550- (bring a friend for an even bigger discount!)
 [wp_cart_button name=”Solar Eclipse Retreat Early Bird Specia 2 Ticketsl” price=”550″] 
Work Trade Part Time Program- $169 (Full Retreat, discounted rates for helping with the retreat  centers in your skill whether , building, gardening, cooking, etc! Receive the full benefits of the programs while helping build a bigger and better retreat center with us on both sites! We Love our Work Trade Programs! You may even come a separate weekend to help or a day early to hang and lend a hand! It’s Fun- don’t worry. 😉
[wp_cart_button name=”Solar Eclipse Full Retreat Work Trade Program” price=”169″]
Work Trade Program 2 Tickets- $300 

[wp_cart_button name=”Solar Eclipse Full Retreat Work Trade Program 2 Tickets” price=”300″]
 Work Trade Teachers Program- $129 (Full Retreat, discounted rates for teaching something during the retreat in your skill, marketing & promotional support, general help!)
[wp_cart_button name=”Solar Eclipse Full Retreat Teachers Program” price=”129″]
Work Trade Teachers Program 2 Tickets- $200
[wp_cart_button name=”Solar Eclipse Full Retreat Teachers Program 2 Tickets” price=”200″]
*DROP IN DAY PASS  RATES – One Day Pass Early Bird Special- $89
[wp_cart_button name=”Solar Eclipse Retreat One Day Pass Early Bird Discount” price=”100″]
Drop In Day Pass Work Trade- $59
(Come help out for a little bit prior to event or during)
[wp_cart_button name=”Solar Eclipse Retreat One Day Pass Work Trade Program” price=”69″]
Drop In Day Pass Teachers/Practitioners Trade- $39
(Sign up to teach a class during the retreat for a discount!)
[wp_cart_button name=”Solar Eclipse Retreat One Day Pass Teachers Trade Program” price=”49″]
We are so excited to build community with you!
See You There!!!!