July 29th: 10am-12pm- Join Natural Rhythms and Alchemical Priestess Process facilitators, Bonnie Salamon and Judy Keating for this FREE 2 hour introduction. 

We are organic beings. Even though we act like we are separate from nature, we are in fact made of Earth (our body) Air (our thoughts) Water (our emotions) Fire (our actions) and Spirit (our ability to co-create with our version of the Divine).

Come learn how aligning yourself with the magic that is contained in the Elemental Forces of Creation Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit brings more ease, joy and aliveness to your life.

• Activate your unique connection with nature for more peace, ease and rest.
• Start utilizing nature’s wisdom to inform your best next steps in life
• Improve your relationships by finding where you are out of balance.
• Rediscover your own Rhythm, creating flow and energy for what you desire to Create

To secure your seat, please text Bonnie at (404)502-0497 or Judy at (770)827-0485. Or if you prefer, email Bonnie at bsalamon@autumnsfire.org

About Your Facilitators:
– Bonnie Salamon believes that there are ESSENTIALS to consider as mid-lifers and beyond chart their course to create a richer later life well-lived. She includes in her offerings the practices of Successions – Pathway to Blissworkshops, Natural Rhythms Co-creation circles, as well as Priest/ess and High Priest/ess group facilitation, and other key teachings such as energy work through Catalyst and Energetic Anatomy. She is also a Spiritual Companion and Life Cycle Celebrant. She’s a wife of 49 years, mother and grandmother and has found, through these practices the joy, peace, and fulfillment of decades of her inner work.

– Judy Keating, M.A. is a Certified Shift Your Grief Master Coach, Certified Natural Rhythms™ Facilitator, Creation Coach and Expert. She is trained in both Life and Nature Based Coaching through the Martha Beck Institute Life Coaching program. Judy has co-authored two personal development books.

She is a Master in both Usei and Karuna Reiki and is an advanced facilitator in the energy healing modality Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ She is trained in the lineage of Nicole Christine and facilitates Priestess, High Priestess circles on line internationally, and in person.

She uses her talents skills and abilities to help her clients through creating a safe and sacred space, energy modalities, coaching and multi-dimensional facilitation. Judy assists her clients to overcome obstacles, achieve aligned life goals, and is dedicated to Feminine Financial Freedom. Judy believes that travel is an avenue to world peace.