This is a credit exchange program based on  a skill and work trade bartering system. Credits are exchanged between venues and the applicable skilled facilitator or volunteer.

How does the Reciprocal Exchange Program work?


Volunteers: Receive access to the ReciprociTree network of events in exchange for their time, skills or specializations.


Venues: Receive volunteer (time, skills, or specializations) and or ReciprociTree promotional/event services in exchange for bartered tickets, board, venue rentals, or other services.


If you are a retreat center or venue owner who would like to gain more exposure for your space while staying on a budget, we have worked out an exchange program for centers and non profits to be able to do so. This includes marketing such as advertisements, social media work, event promotions, written articles and so forth, while on the networking end, you are linked  to our network referral list where we help other facilitators book their events with you.

In lieu of a transaction for the service, there are endeavor credits given in exchange for stay at your place or event at an agreed upon time. During those stays as well, there will be complimentary marketing of the space with social media, photography, reviews, blogs, and articles. We also encourage our groups if we are on a retreat there to be respectful of the synergy and if they are taking photos to be inclusive of your venue in acknowledgements so they too can be helpful sewing into the space and building prosperity there.

People feel more connected to something when they have sewn into it. Whether they have volunteered to teach a class, or lent a hand in painting a room or fixing an electrical problem, it builds an instant appreciation for something or somewhere, and that is the feeling of connection that we are all looking for, and we at ReciprociTree are trying to revive and provide.

Amy J. Hargis


We all have something to give. We also believe that sometimes you have to Give in order to Receive. In our collaborative of businesses here, we have all individually encountered so many blessings and barters that have allowed us to grow in so many exciting ways. That being said, we feel like that is something very important to share and pass on to others. And  what more of a beautiful exchange can there be, than the sharing of skills, knowledge, culture, collaboration, a respect for time & effort invested. ReciprociTree is more than just a conscious network-  we are an adventurous collective who thrive on branching out into new friendships, and each hold a  mutual desire to help each other grow the seeds of our dreams in our own spaces.