An artist who’s been blessed with a creative mind, William touts a long list major talents and skills. Having ran a successful design business for over 15 years, with thousands of  projects under his belt, his capabilities and gifts are foundational supports for ReciprociTree. He was the project lead for the creation of this website, and a important visionary in the concept of ReciprociTree and what we strive to achieve as a collaborative community.

William A Rodriguez: Archaic Roots & WAR Graphic Arts

Running his own visual communications businesses offering services such as graphic design and web development has created an expansive list of successful projects. Projects ranging from identity (logo) design, character design, illustrations, promotional campaigns are just a few of the capabilities William brings to the ReciprociTree Team. William was also a leading member of a regional art/music festival for over a decade, learning many skill related to event management, marketing and promotions.

William is also the owner of Archaic Roots, a cultural education organization which specializes in indigenous instruments, skills and culture. Sharing his passion for indigenous instruments via workshops, classes, presentations, and other events. His unique events create experiences in instrument building, culture, story telling, drum circle facilitation, history and more. His experience organizing and facilitating events through Archaic Roots has been another strength added to our team!