William & I fixing up the new cabin!
Amy Jill Hargis: Co-owner of ReciprociTree-

Well….What can I say about myself? My heart’s greatest desire is to live a life that is raw, authentic, & just plain flippin’ Real, Man.
I’m also really  passionate about seeing other people find their truth & authentic selves, there’s nothing better! I spent so many years shedding layers & figuring out who I am not, letting go of societal expectations… Phew! What a Ride!
I’m sure there’s more to come but I’m very grateful for it all. I’m excited to know that I whole-heartedly try to spend my energy on the people & activities that reciprocate the same love and intention. I’d rather have a few deep and meaningful friendships over a thousand surface level ones! High Five!

I Love living out in the woods. Love It. (We  live out in William’s monolithic dome & farm in the woods where we run retreats with cabin and a tipi/teepee. It’s a total trip out here!) I’m pretty simple but I talk a lot. I adore the stars, and talk to trees.
I love burning things in big sacred fires and remembering how trivial most things are, or drumming and staring at the flames for hours. Cast iron & I are best friends. I also have the greatest partners in the World both in life and in business. I have lots of degrees & certifications that I worked hard on for many years, & in reality, none of them matter. How fantastic! I typically have no idea what is modern, hip, or cool, & I think that is super cool.
My Ladies! I never could have done it without these two! Sukhin (right) and I run other businesses together & our sister Melody helped us run our last studio!
Mainly, I love connecting people more than I can even stand. I really do think of what we do here in events without even trying is like a match.com for friends and networking. Seriously.

I’m not good at everything and Definitely don’t desire to teach it all, so I love finding people with cool skills, and they typically turn out to be Amazing People whom you can’t help but have awesome friendships with!

Our hearts here collectively are to see everyone support one another and build deeper & stronger friendships. Weeeeeeeee!
Meet you out in the woods!


(828) 316-7099  (Email is preferred- I’m Terrible at phone calls!)