“Seasons”   By: Amy Jill Hargis


“When is it time to let it all go? To Embrace the change, releasing the old.

The shedding of skin, removing of the veil, desperate to feel new again, may my own two feet not fail.

Solomon spoke of the “Seasons of Life,” a Time for peace & a time for strife.

A time to love & a time to hate. A time to forgive & a time to relate.

Do we have to see a tangible change, one so big that we’ll “Know?”

Or can we listen to that still small voice, & watch it organically grow?

Releasing what was, back into the garden of life,

Walking barefoot in blind faith.

But is it blind merely because we can’t see it yet exposed?

The adventure lies behind your eyes, whether they’re open or closed.

Life is wild. Full of love, joy, & trials.

The pains, the sorrows, the victories, the promise of tomorrow’s.

A season to laugh and a season to cry, a season to live and a season to die.

May I learn to embrace every change, every season.

And confidently glide through transitions with reason.

May every step I take be guided by grace.

The divine purpose for why I’m here in this place.

A season to celebrate and another for woes,

There’s a season to Keep and a time to Let Go.”                           

***I was reading Ecclesiastes the other day which is one of my favorite books in the Bible. To most it seems a bit depressing- to me it the most Freeing Book you can fathom. To be able to actually See your life as “Meaningless,” like Solomon did, is the biggest blessing of all. This observation of his didn’t necessarily mean he lived a boring or purposeless life…. King Sol had it ALL. 1000 ladies living with him (wives and concubines), tried Every drink, Every pleasure, Every material object, Every lady in the kingdom- yet he still felt Empty. All of it was fleeting to him and a vapor in the wind. How vastly true in our world. Why do we hold onto some things so Tightly? Our things, our friends, our jobs, our relationships? Why do we have to be so Serious about it all? I love his conclusion throughout Ecclesiates. “Everything is Meaningless. A person can do nothing better than to Eat, Drink, Be Merry,and find Satisfaction in their Toil. I have realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God.”  HA! Not a bad RX!

For years I found it so petty, I hated that verse (and my brother was obsessed with it- I thought he was a pompous idiot while I was the humble servant.) Then i realized I was torturing myself by being so dogmatic and rule bent while my brother was Enjoying his life to the fullest. I have read Ecclesiastes probably a thousand times- it only gets better. Understanding the seasonal changes in life makes everything less complicated. It only brings More Hope. Less seriousness, less drama, less striving, less desires, the most Incredible form of Meaningless you can ever imagine. May you all come to your own realization that Life is Meaningless, then you can really LIVE. Our ego wants to SCREAM the opposite- “I Matter!” “Look what I’m Doing!” but when we can Let that Go- we find meaning in a Whole New Paradigm. With Freedom ringing behind it. If none of this matters- why get bent out of shape? May we enjoy eating and drinking together building community, may we Enjoy our work and toil, and may we realize that it’s a gift from God to enjoy life’s simplicities! Enjoy Every Transition, Every Lesson, & Every Season… because the next one is right around the corner with something new and beautiful.  xoxo