Saturday May 20th- 10am-2pm- Join Julie Copper Fox for a One Day Shamanic Breathwork Workshop at The Wellness Place!The Magic of the Breath has been with us from the very beginning of time. It gives us Life and Life Force Energy! In meditation, one of the goals is to quiet the mind and purposeful breathing is often slow. In Shamanic Breathwork, one of the goals is activation! Breathing is deeper and faster and super-oxygenates the brain. The result is a journey in an awake, but dream-like state and you are the Dream Master!

WHAT TO EXPECT: The group will sit in a circle and learn about the breathwork process. Everyone will lay on a palette or yoga mat, next will be a circular breathing exercise with music, followed by a group art process, and finally some group integration. There will be two breaks.

ABOUT JULIE: Julie Copper Fox is full of life, fun-loving and ever-grateful. She loves to learn, loves to teach, and highlights on interaction and self-determination as she assists people in finding their own path. She is an NC Peer Support Specialist, a Certified Recovery Coach, an ordained Shamanic Minister and teaches Shamanic Breathwork, Vision Board Workshops and doTerra Essential Oil classes. She is also currently attending WCU, majoring in psychology and social work. “We heal ourselves from the inside out. I believe we are all potential Shamans when we have an open heart and an open mind and are willing to work on ourselves to begin, and continue, the inner healing!”

~ Julie Copper Fox

+++WORKSHOP PRICE+++ $50. Pay it now

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REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: Please send a private message for confirmation!

WHAT TO BRING: An Open Heart. An Open Mind ~ Palette Roll (comforter or sleeping bag as padding, blanket, and pillow. Hint: Roll up and strap with bungee cord or scarf.) Water bottle, Light lunch (refrigerator available)

~Optional ~ Journal, Sacred Object, eye mask, or anything else for your comfort!


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