June 17, 2022 - June 19, 2022

Goddess Gathering: “The Dreamtime” Aboriginal Mythology, Jungian Psychology, History, Art, & Culture


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Welcome to another Goddess Gathering! A place where us women come together to learn about culture, history, tradition, art, life, and each other! Woooooo! I just adore these gatherings, they are filled with such incredibly authentic women.

We celebrate life,  educate ourselves,  teach each other,  open ourselves up, do workshops, art projects, yoga, learn about holistic health, all sorts of wonderful talents come through these doors. It changes for each event with themes and teachers, but it always seems to be the perfect fit for each one!

This gathering has a central theme of  “The Dreamtime.” Also known as  Tjukurrpa  or the Essence of the World,   The Dreamtime  is the the animist framework,  symbol system, and oral history tradition of Australian Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples mythology.

It’s also the way they organize their understanding of the world, its creation, and its greatest stories.  This encompasses the belief that Reality is actually a Dream that we are all collectively dreaming… OoooOoooh.

I Love It.

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Aboriginal Bushtucker Story

In my 20’s, I lived in Australia for a few years where I attended an International Leadership College. I worked in a social justice program and was absolutely fascinated by the Aboriginal Peoples’ art, music, love for each other, and connection to nature. Family oriented and community minded, they are a culture that is one of the most resilient that I have ever known.

Years later, I took a semester course at the University of Sydney on “Cultural Competence for Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islanders.” It blew my mind to learn the true depths of their historical struggles, and realize that I had only witnessed the tip of the iceberg whilst working there.

I was so filled with awe while learning more about their art, their symbolism, their music, storytelling traditions, family life, overcomings, and so much more. I am forever indebted to the wonderful university professors, non-profits, and friends that were willing to assist me in teaching these lessons. A portion of proceeds for this event go back into the amazing non-profits for their help.

Listed below is the curriculum as well as some of the other workshops during the weekend led by other teachers.

Workshops start Saturday morning at 10 a.m but Friday is a Complimentary Craft Night if you’d like to come early, eat, do art, and get to know some folks first. Either way is fine!

The Dreamtime

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“The Rainbow Serpent,” By: Danny Eastwood
*The Dreamtime: What is Reality?
*The Rainbow Serpent: A Multi-Clan Perspective
*Jungian Psychological Archetypes in Aboriginal Spirituality
*Cultural Competence for  First Nations Peoples of Australia: Aboriginals and Torres Strait Island Peoples
*Indigenous Storytelling : Then and Now
*Cultural History & Societal Conflicts
*Understanding Mimis and the Dance of the Dzunukwa
*Indigenous Art Appreciation and Art Worshop
*Yoga and Wellness Walkabout 
*Pranayama and Circular Breathing 101 for the Didgeridoo
*and more workshops from guest teachers!*


This event is held at our funky family friendly farm and Holistic Bed & Breakfast deep in the woods of Lakemont GA, called  Archaic Roots Monolithic Dome Home & Farm.   A peaceful and free spirited 3.4 acre healing forest, packed full with multi-cultural fun! Feel free to play some of our indigenous instruments, build a faerie home in the woods, snuggle up with one of our therapeutic bunnies, or even find a fire-pit or outdoor altar that’s calling your name, and go relax by it- there’s plenty to explore and do around here! Camping on the grounds is free and indoor accommodations are available upon request or through Airbnb on the links below. We also allow some folks to sleep Thai Slumber Style inside the dome in common areas for donation based, just bring sleeping gear or an air mattress, and we’ll make room! The dome is two levels and there’s lots of space.

All food is done as “Bring & Share,” where we all bring a little something and make magic happen in the kitchen or over the fire! If you have dietary restrictions you are more than welcome to bring your own private food supply. Anything is fine to bring, it never fails! This builds a really fun connection We will also email a list of Bring & Share Suggestions  in your registration email to make it easier. Can’t wait to connect!

Airbnb Links for our Guest Room and  Primitive Artist Cabin

See you in the woods!

Amy and William



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