Who Are We?


We are a conscious collaboration and network of holistic business owners, facilitators, venues, and volunteers working to build community and camaraderie. In doing so, we also build into each other and all of our businesses. We truly believe that  we can be more effective and efficient in our practices by working together in a beautiful way that smarter- Not harder!

What Do We Do?

We provide conscious event management services throughout the tri-state regions including Northeast Georgia and the Western Carolinas. We create events to help all those involved reciprocal sharing in of skills, space, finances, and time to enhance the attendees facilitators, and venues involved.

  • Attendees gain skills and knowledge from facilitators and invest into each venue involved.
  • Facilitators are provided with an event that provides an open venue and conscious participants.
  • Venues gain the benefits of complementary promotions, groups of excited volunteers for projects, and valuable connection within our network of partners. 

Meet the Owners

Amy J. Hargis

Degreed Counselor, Minister, Yogi, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, Vedic Thai Specialist, and more! An education enthusiast, research junkie, writer, teacher, event planner, curriculum creator, and networker.

William A. Rodriguez

Our man of the woods who is not only able to build most instruments and tools, but also degreed in professional graphics/website development, and builds websites for businesses. .Teacher of Multi-cultural Indigenous history, music, art, & customs.

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